BIG Works-in-Progress

Every other Thursday, 4–5 p.m.

The BIG Works-in-Progress (BIG WiPs) are meant to be a space where trainees can present and seek feedback within the WashU community about ongoing work. Speakers can be postdocs or graduate students AND as of the 2023-2024 series we are also welcoming non-tenure track faculty to present. The audience will include only WashU scientists.

2023-2024 BIG WiPs

Held every other Thursday from 4 – 5 p.m.

**See signup link below to present your work!**

DateTitlePresenter #1Presenter #2Location
10/26/2023“Injury-induced tcim drives metabolic reprogramming in macrophages and microglia during spinal cord regeneration”Dana Shaw, PhDConnor Auditorium
11/9/2023Titles Coming SoonJose Mazzitelli-Perez/
Kipnis Lab
Jasmin Herz/Kipnis LabConnor Auditorium
11/23/2023OPENOPENOPENConnor Auditorium
12/7/20231) “Vaccination prevents IL-1B mediated cognitive deficits after COVID-19” (Abigail)

2) “Enteric neuronal and glial cell injury after systemic flavivirus infection is mediated by both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells through multiple effector mechanisms” (Hana)

1) Abigail Vanderheiden/Klein Lab
2) Hana Jenova/Diamond LabNow in Wohl
Winter break
12/21/23 – 1/18/24
2/1/2024Title coming soonEllen Schill/Newberry LabOPEN
4/25/2024Titles coming soonLogan Page/Dang LabDaniel Ferguson/Finck Lab
6/6/2024Title coming soonTornike Mamuladze/Kipnis LabOPEN

Sign Up to Present

We are scheduling speakers for the 2023-2024 bi-weekly Brain Immunology & Glia (BIG) Works-in-Progress (WiPs) series. This year we are excited to host presentations from graduate students, postdocs, and non-tenure track faculty. There will be up to two speakers per session, and each talk will be ~30 minutes. If you are interested in presenting, please input your information into this Google doc. Also, feel free to share this email with your lab-mates and friends; we want to hear from all perspectives in brain immunology and glia research at WashU!

*To share projects focusing on a range of topics including, but not limited to, neuroimmunology, CSF circulation, and glial biology.

Questions? Contact Nora Abduljawad at
or Travis Tabor at