BIG Works-in-Progress

Every other Thursday, 4–5 p.m.

The BIG Works-in-Progress (BIG WiPs) are meant to be a space where trainees can present and seek feedback within the WashU community about ongoing work. Speakers can be postdocs or graduate students. The audience will include only WashU scientists.

2022-2023 BIG WiPs

Held every other Thursday from 4 – 5 p.m.

9/22/2022“Characterizing dysregulated neuron-microglia cellular crosstalk patterns in AD human brains using single-nuclei transcriptomics”Ricardo Albanus,
Harari Lab
Connor Auditorium
10/20/2022“Development of neonatal enteric neuron-immune cell crosstalk in the intestine”Ellen Schill, Newberry LabConnor Auditorium
11/3/2022“Short-chain fatty acids rescued on neuroinflammation, injury severity, and repair after TBI with gut microbial dysbiosis”Marta Celorrio, Freiss LabConnor Auditorium
11/17/2022“mRNA-TCR based therapeutic T cell to treat central nervous system injury”Wenqing Gao, Kipnis LabConnor Auditorium
12/1/2022“Basal and evoked peripheral immune response: associations with mental health”Sara Norton, Bogdan LabConnor Auditorium
Holiday Break
12/15 – 1/12
1/26/2023No BIG WiPs on Jan26, 2023!
2/9/2023Talk title coming soonNatasha Kafai, Diamond LabConnor Auditorium
2/23/2023Talk title coming soonLi-Feng Jiang-Xie, Kipnis LabMoore Auditorium
3/9/2023Talk title coming soonZach Papadopoulas, Kipnis LabConnor Auditorium
3/23/2023Talk title coming soonChas Pfeifer, Apte LabConnor Auditorium
4/6/2023Talk title coming soonWade Self, Holtzman LabMoore Auditorium
4/20/2023Talk title coming soonVeronica Dave, Klein LabConnor Auditorium
5/4/2023Talk title coming soonSiling Du, Kipnis LabConnor Auditorium
5/18/2023Talk title coming soonMichael Kann, Ackerman LabConnor Auditorium
6/1/2023Talk title coming soonKirill Shumilov, Friess LabConnor Auditorium
6/15/2023Talk title coming soonLogan Page, Dang LabConnor Auditorium
6/29/2023Talk title coming soonDana Shaw,
Mokalled Lab
Connor Auditorium

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