Apply for a BIG Travel Award!

Attention presenters, Apply Now for $500 travel credit

The BIG Center is excited to announce the funding of travel awards for speakers at national and international conferences. Applicants can submit an online application form throughout the year.

To apply, you must participate regularly in BIG Center seminars and events. Awardees will be selected in February, June, and October. We will accept applications up to 6 months past the conference date.

  • Applicants must regularly participate in BIG Center events (seminars, WiPs, happy hours, etc).
  • Applicants must be giving a talk. If you do not know if you will be giving a talk, we suggest you wait to apply until you are notified.
  • Applications will be accepted up to 6 months prior to or following the conference date. 
  • There is no limit on the number of applications allowed per applicant, and multiple applications will be accepted for the same or different award cycles.
  • Only one travel award will be given to each applicant, including the same or different award cycles. 
  • Applications are sent to the review committee at the end of the months of February, June, and October. 
  • There is currently no requirement to speak in a seminar but signing up for a WiP seminar slot is highly encouraged.

Previous Winners

2021: BIG Inter-Lab Collaboration Awards – $25k

Jennifer Lawrence
Abraham Ogbaslase
Fenghe Zhong
Antoine Drieu

August 2022: 
$500 BIG Travel Awards

Dana Shaw (Mokalled Lab)
Marlene Kanmogne (Klein Lab)
Patrick Sheehan (Musiek Lab)
Xiaoying Chen (Holtzman Lab

December 2022
$500 BIG Travel Awards

Wade Self (Holtzman Lab) and Sara Norton (Bogdan Lab)

February 2023
$500 BIG Travel Awards

Yingyue Zhou( Colonna Lab) and Wenqing Gao (Kipnis Lab)

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