Associate Professor of Genetics, Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

My research focuses on trying to understand the genetic and cellular underpinnings of both normal behavior and psychiatric disorders, primarily autism. We combine data from human genetics studies with high throughput cell-type specific gene expression profiling to identify genes and circuits that may contribute to mental disorders, which we then test with mouse models. We are particularly focused on neuromodulatory systems and glia.

Professional Education
  • BSc: Truman State University, 1999
  • PhD: Neuroscience: University of California Los Angeles, 2005
  • Postdoc: Nathaniel Heintz, Rockefeller University, 2010
  • Psychiatry
  • Genetics
  • Neurogenetics & Transcriptomics

Dougherty Lab

Dougherty Lab

The Dougherty lab develops novel neurotechnology to better understand transcriptional and translational regulation in health and disease, with a focus on astroglia.

PI: Joseph Dougherty, PhD